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Beautiful natural girls with thumbs up after counselling


Michela- Malta

Had my first distance healing session with Natalie via Zoom, where she made me feel at ease straight away... 
As soon as she started working I felt so calm & relaxed. Her guidance was spot-on throughout the whole session! 
The peak of the session was when we started opening up about fear & doubt that I was experiencing lately throughout my growth journey.
Step by step through understanding & healing she had brought into my perspective the realization of the past triggering cycle of external validation... Which was so relieving!
I felt so motivated, balanced & back on track straight away.
I also liked the course of the session, where I had space to open up & un-box what I was experiencing and simply be & receive the distance healing energy... Which was so soothing that at one point I drifted off into a deep state of relaxation (light sleep) which felt heavenly...
I am already looking forward to my next session with her.
I highly recommend Natalie & surely will continue this growth & healing journey we started today.

Metka- Solvenija

I had a session with Natalie. With her presence, energy and pure intention, she led me into the world of Theta healing. She guided me to discover my rooted beliefs and clarify them. I loved work with her and looking forward to do some more healings. 

JM- Hertfordshire

Thank you for helping me believe in myself when I did not. I'm feeling good today,
I'm buzzing !!! 


Highly intuitive, deeply caring and just a truly beautiful soul, who came forward with the initiative to help, when saw me struggling.. really appreciated our work, felt peaceful and balanced after, while also having some answers to my questions. Can highly recommend to anyone who needs help and guidance on their path, as well as some gentle and thoughtful healing. I am looking forward to be back too!

Dunja- Ljubljana, Solvenia

I liked working with Natalie as she is a warm person, full of energy, smiling like a morning sunshine. I liked her intuitive feminine approach. She took her time, explained her healing practice and treated me with a great amount of gentleness and respect. I would really recommend her as a healing practitioner.

Magalena- Uxbridge

Natalie is an incredible healer. From the moment I met Natalie, I was struck by her genuine kindness, intuitive nature, and remarkable ability to connect with others. During our session, she effortlessly picked up on the energy and emotions surrounding me, providing insights that were incredibly accurate and insightful. Her intuitive guidance helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and the root causes of my problems.

From the moment we began our conversation, I felt at ease and comfortable opening up to her. She exudes a sense of warmth, compassion, and non-judgment.

Throughout our session, Natalie demonstrated her exceptional listening skills. Her presence and undivided attention made me feel heard, understood, and valued. It was evident that she genuinely cared about my well-being and was committed to helping me.

Her intuitive wisdom and practical advice provided me with a fresh perspective and a clear path forward. I left our session feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to take positive action in my life.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with Natalie, and I eagerly look forward to continuing our journey together. 


Natalie is very intuitive and passionate about theta healing, I suffer with severe period pains and I mentioned this to Natalie, without hesitation Natalie went straight into a womb healing session and the pain subsided leaving me pain free to continue with the Theta session. Natalie connected to my grandma that had passed, I sensed she was around me recently but was unsure what she was trying to tell me. I was able to get clear messages from my grandma within the session, which left me with a sense of peace and understanding. Natalie has got to the root cause of my issues and while these have been cleared, I have been able to move forward in areas of my life that have previously been holding me back. I felt focused and empowered after the sessions and furthermore found my direction and passion. 

Steph- London

Natalie is a warm and caring mentor who makes you feel confident to explore and delve in to exactly what has been holding you back, in my case for most of my life.

I had got completely used to having inexplicable regular headaches, feeling under par, energy less and despondent. It affected virtually every aspect of my life.

In the end I was unable to work properly, could not confidently make advanced plans hence putting pressure on my friendships and a great strain on my husband.

The doctors had basically written me off as they found no just medical reason and simply put it down to stress. The real low came after my own and my family`s exhaustive efforts to drastically reduce any said stress did nothing to alleviate my problems. I was in a vicious circle and could see no way out. Thankfully Natalie was highly recommended to me. One of the revelations I discovered during the sessions was a deep awareness of where and more so, why I had been putting undue pressure on myself. I had been literally wasting my energy trying to control every situation in my life from an early age. I always wanted and expected the perfect outcome for myself and my family but through this unrealistic habit I stopped looking after myself and my needs.

The overall experience of the sessions we had were life changing for me. I am happy !!  I`m so glad I found you and thank you so much Natalie x

Anabela- The Algrave, Portugal

I was lucky enough to meet Natalie in person recently when she was visiting family in Portugal. I live under a lot of stress. For years now I have had many family members not well at home at the same time while working full time in the IT industry. They all rely on me. I am a Systems Analyst in my IT profession and my friend, understanding my current position, suggested that I meet with Natalie. 
Now, I have a scientific background and have been sceptical of these fields. I just didn’t know what to expect but I went ahead to meet her and was very happy that I did! My situation has got worse recently because my usually good health has started to fail me now. 
What to say about the session: Natalie made me feel very relaxed!! The session was a few days ago now and I REALLY cannot remember the last time I felt this relaxed with my life. I am sleeping better now too. It struck me that I felt NO need to analyze what we’ve talked about afterwards. This is big for me. During the session I felt her loving protection around me. It felt amazing. She listened to me and gave me a brand-new perspective on my situation. She made me see it for myself. The situation is the same, but I have learnt to look at it in a peaceful manner which protects my sanity. I actually felt the stress leaving my body and my forehead was feeling more and more comfortable during the session too. It still feels better now. I didn’t think it was possible to feel like I do under my current circumstances. I feel so much relief, it’s pretty unbelievable to me and I cannot put into words what she did, but I know that it helped me a lot and for this I will always be grateful. Natalie's sessions are the sort of thing people need but they don't know it exists. I look forward to more sessions with her soon.

Corine- Netherlands

I truly feel blessed for everything Natalie’s helped me with. My life changed so much for the better. I knew for a long time what I wanted but didn’t know how. Natalie helped me getting there by making me feel like a friend, the way she listens and talks to me, totally ‘feeling me’. Together with her I could I could take those few steps that I needed to reach my goal and become the best version of myself! I’m enjoying life to the fullest thank you so much. I’m enjoying life to the fullest thank you so much Natalie you’re a true soul and 100% the right version for this ‘profession’. Lots of luck to everyone taking the step and reaching out to Natalie you wont regret it.

Monica- UK

Natalie Jaselsky- Had a wonderful healing session with you yesterday. It felt like I was directly with God. I appreciate you a lot and wish you Many, Many blessings x

Manira- London

Good morning Natalie, Thank you so much for the beautiful healing session. Everything you did was exceptional with your amazing downloads and releasing the blocks that no longer served me and being able to identify my issues, you were spot on. It’s exactly what I needed. I felt the emotions come to the surface later that day as I had a little cry which is unusual for me. I feel like I could of talked to you for hours, your so kind and so genuine I’ve been struggling to find that in the last couple of months.
Thank you so much.


Natalie is an extremely warm and friendly person who makes you feel safe and supported. After my initial session, I felt calm and optimistic. Natalie listened, was very understanding and taught me techniques on how to identify the things that are holding me back in certain areas of my life. I would be very interested in receiving Natalie’s guidance and knowledge in future sessions. I am particularly interested in overcoming self limiting beliefs.

Jesssica- Canada

I had an amazing healing session with Natalie!  She connected with me easily. I felt comfortable as she intuitively identified areas needing attention. She wove in Theta Healing, facilitating a huge shift for me. Her genuine, kind, guidance and feedback brought the clarity I need to move forward.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with someone as gifted in healing as Natalie. Thank you!

Sarah- Manchester

I'm so glad that I Natalie. I had started to feel completely overwhelmed by my career. I'd let it take priority over my personal life and even more recently my health. I had got into a habit of never saying no to the demands made of me. To begin with it had made me feel capable but after too many years I had slipped into a miserable state. It felt like I could never do enough.
Firstly Natalie helped me to understand the situation I was in. I contacted her after a friends recommendation because I felt low and joyless. I felt like life was happening and I was struggling to keep up the best I could. Natalie made me aware of my subconscious motivations for allowing this to happen.  She taught me to see these patterns and I can now make quick everyday choices around what really works for me. I can protect my health and sanity and achieve a balanced lifestyle. She made me realise that my boundaries were unhealthy and we got to the root of why too. After clearing my subconscious of this I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I feel happier, more energised and people are responding to this already.

Happy woman sitting on laptop for virtual counselling session.
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