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About Natalie

Natalies childhood was a long and arduous journey with a lack of almost everything a child needs. Despite this she was always highly intuitive and empathic and grew to understand that her natural gift in life was the want and ability to ease the suffering of others.

Over the last 20 plus years she has always worked with the public and found herself frequently helping people who have had a desire to open up to her and discuss their innermost worries and concerns, both large and small.

As an adult she herself has experienced profound loss, a spate of chronic health issues and a habit of playing small which all added to her life experience and understanding of the over whelmed, lost, limited or even crushed feelings so many women have in our disconnected & fast paced world.    

Natalie is a lifelong learner with a deep thirst for knowledge and the understanding of the betterment of all aspects of life.  Not just satisfied with understanding information from a logical point of view, she knows that some knowledge can only be felt and used energetically and spiritually.

Background and Expertise

Over the years I have invested tens of thousands of pounds on spiritual growth and have worked with many excellent healing teachers and mentors from around the world. I am passionate about only using the techniques that I have found  to work and give the best results. I enjoy using a combination of healing techniques including Theta Healing ®, Energy Healing and Somatics in my sessions and I am particularly passionate about supporting women to elevate their awareness and embrace their full potential. 


​It is your birth right to live in abundance in all areas of your life.​

You can let go of anything that may be holding you back and take a shortcut with me to feel:

  • free of the past,

  • excited about the future,

  • energetic and at peace within​





Natalie, thank you for the Theta Healing session with you. I like your warm welcoming energy because it makes easy for me to open up my feelings in front of you. I felt free to share my doubts and worries as you holding on a safe place for it. After the session I felt lighter and brighter emotionally as you helped me through my emotional difficulties with your wise guidance and understanding personality. I am looking forward the next session with you.
Nora Sebesteny

“Our true limitations lie not in external circumstances but in the barriers we build within our own minds”

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