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What is consciousness coaching, and how does it differ from other types of coaching?

Consciousness coaching is a transformative process that focuses on expanding awareness, fostering personal growth, and enhancing overall well-being. Unlike traditional coaching approaches that may primarily address specific goals or behaviors, consciousness coaching delves deeper into exploring one's beliefs, thought patterns, and emotional responses. It aims to uncover underlying subconscious barriers and empower individuals to make profound shifts in their lives from a place of heightened awareness and authenticity. While other coaching methods may concentrate on achieving external success or tangible outcomes, consciousness coaching emphasises inner transformation and alignment with one's true self. It invites clients to explore the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, facilitating holistic growth and development on a profound level.

How do I know I’m ready for Consciousness coaching?

Are you sensing a stirring within? A desire to delve deeper into your thoughts and beliefs? If you’re eager to understand yourself better on a deeper level, then you’re ready for consciousness coaching. You have found this page for a reason. Trust in your inner wisdom – it’s signaling that you’re ready to embark on a journey of transformation and self-discovery.

What can I expect during a one-on-one consciousness coaching session?

A one-on-one consciousness coaching session offers a supportive and empowering environment for self-exploration, growth, and transformation, guiding you towards greater alignment with your authentic self and a more fulfilling life.

How are sessions run & what should I expect after booking? 

Sessions take place on Zoom. You will be emailed a Zoom invitation shortly after booking. 

How often do I need to schedule coaching sessions, and how long do they last?

Each session is 75 minutes long. Most clients like to book a session once every two weeks for optimal progress and integration of new insights.

Can I request a specific focus or area of exploration during coaching sessions?

Absolutely! Your coaching sessions are tailored to your unique personal needs and goals, you can definitely request a specific focus or area of exploration. Whether you’re aiming to boost your health, enhance your self-confidence, enrich relationships, or achieve financial empowerment, I am here to support you with all of this plus more.

How will I benefit from working one to one with Natalie?

Benefit from her distinctive skills, life experience, and abilities. One- on- one sessions offer a deeper exploration tailored to your evolving needs. 

How do I prepare for my sessions?

Book a time where you can relax for at least 30 mins before the session starts and where you have privacy, preferably no one else at home. It also helps if the session is on a day where you can have some time to relax afterwards too. Please be punctual to the session as naturally I have a time frame that I must stick to.


Find a comfortable place to sit. Wear comfortable clothing. Have a glass of water to hand and perhaps some tissues.

Some of my clients like to light a candle, use aromatherapy and have the softness of a blanket to hand.

In between sessions I encourage clients to write down their thoughts and any difficulties they may come across so that this can be mentioned and addressed in the following session.


What is the process for booking sessions and how much does it cost?

A single session costs £65 for 75 minutes.

A package of three sessions costs £175, each session lasting 75 minutes. 

A package of six sessions costs £330, each session lasting 75 minutes. 

Book an appointment today to experience the transformative power of consciousness coaching for yourself.

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“Empty your hands of the old to embrace the new,

for only when you release the past

can you fully grasp the possibilities that

the future holds”

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