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Personalised mentoring for women who
want more

Welcome to Time for a Better Life - a safe space for women who are looking to take control of their personal growth journey. As a mentor, I specialise in empowering women to achieve their goals, focusing on health, confidence, relationships, and financial well-being. Let's work together to help you reach your full potential.


Are you ready to uplevel your life?

  • Are you fed up of life being a struggle?

  • Year after year passing by and you have still not achieved your goals?

  • Are you unsure why you end up sabotaging your efforts?

Work with me to tap into your subconscious limitations so that they can be removed for good.


What an incredible experience! Natalie's skilful questions soon found the root cause of my difficulties and blocks. What happened after that was hard to explain, but felt profound at a deep level. Next morning I awoke feeling a renewed sense of purpose and energy, which I thought had gone for good. I am so grateful to Natalie. And all this was through a Zoom call.

Nic - Hertfordshire

Your best life is waiting for you!

Our sessions will help you with:

  • Move on from what’s holding you back

  • Understand what really makes you happy

  • Live without anxiety

  • Thrive in your life ( not just survive! )

  • Have zest and energy for life

  • Find out who you truly are and explore your untapped potential

  • Achieve true peace within your soul

  • Learn to trust in your own intuition

  • Make positive lasting life changes

  • Have the self-motivation to stick to a healthier lifestyle

  • Feel happier, joyful and excited about your future

  • Think big and go confidently after your dreams

  • Live with purpose

  • Feel capable of making faster and more aligned life decisions with confidence and ease

  • Live a happier life surrounded by fulfilling and supportive relationships

  • Get a solid and healed foundational feeling within you

Wonder where your beliefs come from?

Think about what beliefs you may have taken from your close family, friends and your culture.

What sayings, behaviors and points of view have you never questioned?

Career Limitations:

Believing you must stick to one career path for your entire life.

Thinking a particular level of education guarantees success.


Relationship Beliefs:

Believing that there’s only one ‘perfect’ soulmate.

Thinking that you need a romantic relationship to be whole and happy.

Financial Limitations:

Believing that talking about money is taboo.

Thinking that taking a financial risk is always a bad idea. Always feeling the need to over stretch your finances to compete with others.


Personal Development:

Believing that you can’t change certain aspects of yourself.

Thinking mistakes are failures rather than opportunities for growth.

Feeling unable to keep up momentum and finish what you started.


Creativity and Talents:

Believing you’re not creative or talented in a particular area.

Thinking that being healthy means a never ending strict diet.

Believing that you must be perfect at something from the start.



Believing that your intelligence is fixed.

Thinking that formal education is the only path to knowledge.


Time Constraints:

Believing that you’re too old to start something new.

Thinking that success must come quickly or not at all.


Your invitation to work with me….

I offer you a safe space to be heard and your chance to explore what’s holding you back in life.


If you are unsure as to what is causing your life to feel held back or stuck it’s fine, I will use my innate intuitive abilities throughout our sessions to gain the deepest of insight and understanding about who you are and your current situation.


These sessions are about you and I will help you to explore your inner thoughts. We will go at your own pace and I will be with you every step of the way to guide and support your healing journey.

Rest assured, I will give you my very best during your sessions.


In our sessions Natalie created a warm and supportive environment where I felt completely at ease and safe to open up and explore issues in my life. Natalie really listened to me and was able to make sense of everything I told her. She helped me gain a deeper understanding of why I think a certain way, and not only helped me to identify my mental barriers but also to overcome them. After the sessions I felt more clarity and equipped to make positive changes in my life. I would recommend Natalie to anyone who feels they have things that are holding them back.

Are you ready to become a new version of you?

To drop the old parts of yourself that are no longer needed?


To be re-birthed and to create a life on your own terms?  


What are the areas of life you wish to see a change in -

yourself, your business, your income, your relationships, your body? 


It’s all possible


What are you waiting for, a better way of life is your birthright !

Let’s work together. I’m ready to hear from you
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